We are a small in-home studio located in the “Hunter Chase” neighborhood of Traverse Mountain, in beautiful Lehi Utah. Run by sisters who have performed most of their lives in music, dance, and theater, we find satisfaction in helping children learn, grow and build self-confidence in performing in front of others.

Higleytown Studio offers classes and workshops in several styles of dance (tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, and creative), music/dance/theater, music and movement, and an arts based preschool playtime.


Melissa Aaron Higley

Melissa has always been theatrical. It has been her life’s passion to create dances that inspire, move, and draw emotion from the audience. At an early age she was making up dances to the feeling of the music. Throughout her youth and teenage years she learned many different styles of dance including tap, jazz, hip-hop, ballet, ballroom, modern, and character. Her favorite tended to be anything that was a little more dramatic or required her to be a character. In high school she competed on the dance/drill team. After high school she ventured into musical theater and hasn’t stopped. She’s been in or choreographed back-to-back shows for more than fifteen years and has a great desire to continue. Melissa recently went back to school and earned a degree in Dance and currently teaches the Music Dance Theater and Musical Productions classes at Skyridge Highschool in Lehi.


Andrea Aaron Chapman

Andrea has been singing her whole life. She has a natural ability to teach others how to use their voice and get it to sound its best. She cares about her students and makes sure they safely gain vocal skills as they grow. She is amazing with teaching children to learn in all aspects. She graduated with her degree in Early Childhood Education, and has also been performing and musical directing for more than fifteen years. Andrea is currently the school Librarian at the new Belmont Elementary in Lehi.